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Oct 14, 2016

This week Vinny and Cait recap their trip to Orlando, FL where they contend with lines at the airport, lines to park, lines to get into the Magic Kingdom, and being trapped in the hotel under a county curfew due to a hurricane.

Main Topic

Cait and Vinny made their way with the baby down to Orlando hoping to enjoy some relaxation by the pool and the magic of Disney.  Unfortunately a hurricane had other plans for them.

Vinny reviews some tips from around the web on surviving the airport and airplane with a toddler.  

Why are there people that think it's OK to walk around an airplane barefoot?  Is it normal for a child to watch a movie without any audio?

Cait gives up on hoping to put the baby in a perfectly clean rental car seat and just hopes for one that works.

Vinny discusses how the Disney experience has changed since he was a kid.

What happens to a tourist-heavy area when everything shuts down for hurricane preparations?

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