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Aug 9, 2016

In support of #BumpDay and the effort to raise awareness for maternal health care worldwide, we decided to go way way back in time two whole years to share the details around our family's origin story from the beginning of Cait's pregnancy through our daughter's birth.

Weekly Recap

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Cait encounters a Dunkin' Donuts customer without enough clothing on and reflects on her desires to judge Olympic athletes while indulging in sweets on the couch.

Vinny has his first encounter with internet justice when he's banned from a social media community.

Cait finds a Facebook post making the rounds by a new mom who thinks people are using parenting as an excuse for laziness.

Main Topic

The pair discuss their emotions, fears, personal struggles and triumphs through a recounting of Cait's pregnancy and the arrival of their daughter six-weeks ahead of schedule.

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