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Aug 30, 2016

This week on Family Tantrums we have our first ever guest.  Lucia Walinchus, a journalist, lawyer, mother and author of "How To Raise a Smartass: Parenting That Should Not Be Tried at Home" joins us to discuss trends in children's film, TV and books, including the discussion of a children's book written by one of the Real Housewives.

Check out Lucia's site, including her full bio and links to purchase her book here! (

Main Topic

Vinny and Cait talk with Lucia about her book and the many, many relatable parenting experiences contained within.

Lucia reveals the secret to finding time to write a book while working as a freelance journalist and raising two kids (spoiler alert: it takes six years).

Lucia, Cait and Vinny discuss trends in children's television shows and Disney movies.

Cait thinks Spongebob is based on someone's fever dream.

Vinny wonders whether Elmo has parents and if they care that he spends his days hanging out with a vampire.

Lucia wants to know why Elmo keeps a homeless man as a pet and wonders how to explain to her daughters why the Little Mermaid is interested in a guy she's never spoken to.

Cait and Vinny are suddenly worried about the impact Disney movies might have on their daughter.

Cait thinks some of the baby's book collection might be teaching the baby how to make fun of people.

Lucia walks us through the top 20 hard-copy books sold on Amazon in 2015.

Cait is upset with America that 5 of those are adult coloring books.

The group discusses Bethany Frankel's children's book "Cookie Meets Peanut" (here on Amazon).  Guess what?  It's not good.  Neither is her wine, but you should definitely try her banana bread recipe.

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